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Colleen Joy

~ Licensed Massage Therapist

~ SUNY Empire State BS Alternative & Complimentary Therapies

~  Former Instructor NY Institute of Massage

~ Former Instructor Trocaire College Massage Therapy program

~ Vetted & Certified Psychic-Medium

~ Lily Dale Class Presenter / Instructor

~ Medical Intuitive

~ Animal Intuitive / Empath


Please Note:

If you schedule a Mediumship/Psychic Reading and cancel with less than

24-hour notice or No-Show, you will be charged the full appointment fee.

Mediumship and connecting into the Spirit world is not a switch that can be turned OFF/ON on a whim.

I prepare and meditate to clear my space and energy prior to your reading, and in doing so,

YOUR SPIRITS will already start connecting with me, often days in advance.

I have already invested time in your energy before you even step into my office; therefor the

full fee will be assessed if you late-cancel or no-show. No Exceptions.

Thank you.


~ All Psychic Mediumship reading sessions are for entertainment purposes only ~



Colleen is a certified Psychic Medium, a Psychic Mediumship Lily Dale Instructor/Presenter,

a Medical Intuitive and an Animal Intuitive/Empath.

She offers classes throughout the year on psychic-mediumship development, intuition and paranormal phenomena.

She is currently working on certification through the Forever Family Foundation, is available for home blessings

and energetic cleansings, as well as group parties and individual private readings.




We are happy to facilitate a private reading party for you at our office; there is ample space and parking.

The Host must be present for the duration of the *entire event* and collect the fees from each guest

($60- for 30-min reading, $110- for a 1-hour reading {cash only}).

Colleen is able to read up to 10 people per party, (10, thirty-minute slots total,

or less slots if anyone chooses to have a 1-hr reading), including the Host.

The Host will receive their reading (30-minutes) for free with 5 paying guests.

Please contact Colleen directly for details at our office phone.

(Note: Should you leave a message and your voicemail box is full, we will not attempt multiple calls.)

Please see below for information on:

1. General Psychic Mediumship Message Sessions/Parties:

2. Massages with Messages,

3. Meals & Messages, and

4. Mediumship Development Classes


1. General Psychic-Mediumship Message Sessions:

Psychic-Mediumship Reading Session:

I am available for private Psychic Mediumship readings at my office:

$60 / 30-min reading only, or

$110 / 1-hr reading only

If you'd like to have another person sit-in with you during your reading, (to take notes or translate, etc), there

will be a $40- up-charge for the session. Additionally, I cannot guarantee that I will *only* read you

as entities will come through if they see an opportunity to connect with whoever is there!

I am happy to facilitate a reading party for you at my office; there is ample space and parking.

The Host must be here for the duration of the *entire event* and collect the donation fees from each guest

($60- for 30-min reading, $110- for a 1-hour reading {cash only}).

I am able to read up to 10 people per party, (10 thirty minute slots total), including the host.

The host will receive their reading (30-minutes) for free with 5 paid guests.

Please contact me directly for details.

(Note: Should you leave a message and your voicemail box is full, I will not attempt multiple calls.)


2. Massages with Messages:

A Massage & A Message Together:

If you'd like a Massage session in conjunction with a Psychic-Mediumship reading:

$90 / 30-min Massage with a Message

$150 / 1-hr Massage with a Message

$225 / 90-min Massage with a Message

Should you schedule a "regular" massage session and do not state when scheduling

that you'd like a reading, please don't ask

"Well... can you tell me anything?!?" during your massage session.

I work very hard to separate my readings from my general massage sessions, and will NOT

read someone without their permission as I consider it an invasion of privacy.

Additionally, I take Spiritualism quite seriously and shouldn't be expected to

"perform" when not scheduled to do a reading.

When I know I'm going to be doing a reading I prepare

in-advance by meditating and working with MY Spirit Guides.

I have spent my entire life trying to control when I'm open to receive messages,

and when I'm closed and don't wish to interact with other

entities. Please respect that boundary.

Thank you.

~ MASSAGE  with a  MESSAGE (Mediumship Reading) with COLLEEN ~

    Schedule a standard 30-min, 60-min or 90-min massage session with COLLEEN  and add on a

     customized psychic mediumship message *during* your massage for the following up-charge:

      30-min mEssage ($60-) + 30-min mAssage ($50-) = $100- (a slight discount {$10-} is offered)

       60-min mEssage ($110-) + 60-min mAssage ($80-) = $175- (a slight discount {$15-} is offered )

        90-min mEssage ($170-) + 90-min mAssage ($110-) = $255- (a slight discount {$25-} is offered)


3. Meals & Messages:

Note:  (CURRENTLY  ON-HOLD  due  to  pandemic  restrictions)


I am extremely excited and proud to introduce:

Meals & Messages:

Shortly before the pandemic closures, Spirit began gifting me the vision of standing in a restaurant and delivering

gallery-style messages while people dined on great food and were entertained. I kept thinking, "No... this is crazy..." and

the more I tried to sweep the vision aside, the more Spirit persisted that I pursue

this fun adventure - and thus, "Meals & Messages" came to be!

I told my friend, Certified Medium Rhonda Palmiero, about the vision and Spirit's persistence that I execute this

gifted plan, and asked if she was willing to hold-my-hand in this crazy new adventure and her response: "I'm in!!!"

We will be teaming up with various Buffalo/WNY area restaurants at prearranged

dates and times to offer group dining while experiencing gallery-style messages.

Gallery-style means the messages will be delivered in a public arena for all participants to hear and enjoy.

This event is for entertainment purposes only and participants are able to decline

receiving a message if they're uncomfortable or nervous.

Although I cannot guarantee a message for every participant, I will

attempt to deliver as many as possible!

No refunds, however, if you reserve a seat and are unable to attend that date/time, you can gift your spot to a person of your choosing.

Refunds will only be given if the event is canceled due to DOH restrictions or weather events.

This is an alcohol-free event, you are welcome to stay at the venue after the event concludes and enjoy a cocktail with your family/friends.

This event is for ~entertainment purposes only ~



Space is limited, so reservations must be made within 5 days prior to the event so the hosting restaurant can

accurately accommodate meals and current social parameters.


Due to currently NYS COVID-19 related restaurant and food industry restrictions, all Meals & Messages

events have been put on-hold. We will post as soon as we are able to resume our festive events.


Please contact COLLEEN for more information on any of the events listed above.


Office Cell: (716) 725-0264                  E-mail:


4. Psychic-Mediumship Development Classes:



Upcoming Class Schedule:

Please contact COLLEEN for more information on any of the events listed above.

Office Cell: (716) 725-0264                  E-mail:


2021 Class Dates TBD

9:00 a.m. - 3:30/4:00 p.m.

$105- includes a student workbook for each registrant.  *Prerequisite: Mediumship 101

A full-day class with a 1-hour mid-day lunch break as a question & answer opportunity.

This class will discuss and cover:

~ Akashic Records

~ soul-fracturing, reincarnation, growth evolution, (past, present and future lives),

~ Chaos Magic/Magicians and HooDoo Practitioners,

~ the importance of mirrors, stones and crystals in Mediumship,

~ spells, incantations and dispersing spells, (*white* energy only!)

~ how to clear or disperse layered or stagnant energy,

~ assisting in the release of "stuck" entities,

A workbook will be supplied to each participant.

​​Preregister/Pay by: TBD

Refrigerator, freezer and microwave are available for use.



Due to current social-distancing parameters, class space is limited.

75% refund will be given if the participant cancels within 5 days.

No refunds/No workbook will be given if the participant

cancels with less than 5 days notice.

Should you be asked to self-quarantine by the DOH due to COVID-19 exposure, please contact me directly and

arrangements will be made to possibly have you join the class via Zoom or on-line platform.

About Psychic-Mediumship Classes and Reading Opportunities:


I have been psychically-inclined, ("knowing in your gut" regarding a situation), and mediumystic , (intuitively connecting with a spirit or entity not currently on the earth plane), my entire life. I started taking mediumship development classes in my 20's and have continued to do so for the past 25-30 years as a hobby, a source of entertainment and to feed my curiosity. I've worked hard to learn how to harness and turn these abilities/gifts off and on, how to interpret the information I'm given, and how to protect myself and others around me.

It was never my goal or intention to "read" individuals as a stunt or party trick, but there have been numerous times I've either inadvertently, (or purposefully after asking permission), passed a message along to an individual in the hopes of bridging a gap and offering closure or peace. I am HIGHLY respectful and realize that this is not everyone's cup of tea. I attempt to use my empathic abilities to put myself in my massage clients' place, physically and mental-emotionally to assist in working their dysfunction with more intention and purpose, all while respecting their boundaries. I try never to "read" someone without their permission as I truly feel that it would be an invasion of privacy. My abilities have assisted me abundantly as a medical/healthcare practitioner and in building a highly successful medical massage practice that's still going strong, some 22 years now.

With the encouragement of family, friends and clients, I compiled an organized set of parameters, an outline so to speak, of how to tap-in/access your own innate abilities and talents, (that I believe we are all born with), and more importantly, how to manage these abilities in a respectful and protective manner to both the earth and spirit plane. I began to write a book based on my own personal experiences, (which I did not think was unusual until I began speaking to others, openly), and I organized and began teaching  psychic mediumship development classes at my office.


~ You do not need to be a client at Great Lakes Therapeutic Massage to take these classes. ~

The classes are designed for ANYONE who has ever either experienced anything paranormal, (outside the boundaries of what is considered "normal"), or anyone who wishes to learn how to tap into their own intuitive abilities. Workbooks are provided as a tool and reference guide on how to work with something that is often intangible and difficult to explain. Classes are taught throughout the year. My goal is to offer some insight, assist others in creating peace and calm in their lives, and to help in negotiating, educating, controlling and manifesting the best and brightest for ourselves and each other.

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