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Please Note: A Few Things To Know When Coming For Your Massage:

We are a multi-practitioner facility with several therapists.

Each therapist works differently and has their own special style and gifts

that they bring to the session. Please communicate any concerns or questions

you may have to your therapist. If they are unable to answer

your questions or rectify a situation they have colleagues who may be able to assist.


Out of courtesy for all our patrons, we are unable to accommodate clients who have childcare issues.

If the client having the session is a minor or adult in need of assistance/aid, please speak

with us prior to the session and we will make accommodations.

Children cannot remain within the facility while the parent/guardian

is receiving their session. Should your childcare arrangements cancel, you will need to pay

the late-cancel fee and reschedule your session.

Our therapists are here for your appointment and ready to work.

Ideally, NEW clients should arrive 15-20 minutes prior to their initial session

to fill out our Medical History Form (required under NYS law).

Established patrons should arrive 5 minutes prior to their session.

If your appointment time is 1:00, that  means we would like to have you

on the treatment table at 1:00.

If your appointment is at 1:00 and you arrive at 1:10 or 1:15, the therapist will have to

"shave" time off your session so as not to inconvenience the clients scheduled after you.

You are still responsible for your full session fee.


We ask that all patrons PLEASE  SILENCE  THEIR  CELL PHONES  upon entering the suite.

Absolutely NO  TALKING on your cell phone within the treatment room.

We accept Cash, Credit/Debt Cards, FSA (Flexible Spending Account)  & HSA (Health Savings Acct) cards.


For clients who have the BC/BS plan that covers massage, (Buffalo Firefighters, Teachers,

NFTA & Erie County Employees, Buffalo Police), we can see you as a "out-of-network provider."

You pay the full fee for the massage appointment, we give you a receipt, you

submit it for reimbursement and BC/BS reimburses you.


Gift Certificates are available in any amount, for any occasion!

Gift Certificate purchases are non-refundable.

*** Gift Certificates that are donated to charitable organizations do have

hard expiration dates stated on them that will be enforced as per NYS law. Thank you.

Please note:

There is a $35 late-cancel fee for 30-min, 1-hr & 90-min appointments.

There is a $65 late-cancel fee for 2-hr, deep tissue and hot stone session.

"Late-Cancel" is considered the day before by 5:00 p.m. / C.O.B.

*** Persons who call after 5:00 p.m. and leave a messaget will be considered

"same-day cancellations" and charged appropriately.

No-Show / No-Call clients  & Same-Day  cancellations will be charged their

full session fee  for the missed appointment.

Future appointments cannot be booked until the fee is paid.

Additionally, clients who cancel often will have to pay for their session in-full when booking in the future.

There will be *no refunds* should you cancel or no-show that session. No exceptions.


For those whom may be wondering:

Unlike a physical therapists, chiropractic offices or medical offices, we are only able to see ONE client per hour.

We cannot see 6-10 clients an hour like other practitioners. If we set aside one hour specifically for you only, and you

don't keep your appointment, there is now a therapist who is at work, ready to see a client, but now not getting paid.

You will be UNABLE to reschedule until the fee is collected. Thank you.



A general massage session can include any of the following {specified ahead of time}:

Swedish Massage,  Craniosacral Massage,  Myofascial Release,

Lymphatic Drainage, {for those recovering from surgical procedures or who have health conditions}, Reflexology,

Reiki,  Pregnancy Massage,  Specific Injury Massage, etc...


Modality:                                                                              Price:
30-min Massage: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   $55.00

60-min Massage:  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    $90.00

90-min Massage:   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . .  $120.00

2-Hr Massage:     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $170.00

30-min Deep Tissue Massage:  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $60.00

60-min Deep Tissue Massage:  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   $105.00

90-min Deep Tissue Massage: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $130.00

We do not offer 2-hour Deep Tissue Massages.

* 60-min Hot Stone Massage: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $105.00

* 90-min Hot Stone Massage: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $145.00

Hot Stone Massages must be requested in advance as it takes 60-90 minutes for the stones to thoroughly heat.

Cupping must be requested in-advance and with Nicole . (See below)




(add a 15-min or 30-min snooze at the end of your session)

15 minute post-session snooze:  $10 up-charge onto your session fee

30 minute post-session snooze:  $20 up-charge onto your session fee

Please Note: This post-treatment snooze must be (generally) scheduled in-advance.

If you request a post-treatment nap when scheduling your appointment and then are

unable to stay, you will still be responsible for the fee as we had to schedule

the next client to accommodate your snooze.

No exceptions. Thank you.     




Cupping can be added to any service with Nicole for an

additional $15.00 up-charge.

Cupping must be requested in-advance.


 ~ Service prices above (for any service) DO NOT include gratuity to your Therapist. ~


       Questions are encouraged and welcome - so please call our office!

​If we're unable to answer the phone please be sure to

leave your NAME and PHONE NUMBER

(slowly and clearly, or 2 times!!) so we may call you back.

If we're can't understand your message, or your voicemail box is full, we are unable to call you back!


Thank you. (716) 725-0264


~ On-Going Massage Specials ~

​Book a 1-hour, 90-minute or 2-hour session *monthly*

and receive a courtesy $10.00 discount off your future sessions,

(first/initial session will be at full rate amount).

Please Note:

This discount on future appointments is being extended as a *courtesy* by our office to consistent, respectful clients.

If you have a history of late-cancellations or no-shows, we maintain the right to cease offering

this courtesy discount to you. Thank you.

~ For  Lymphatic  Drainage / Post  Surgical  Clients: ~

*** If possible, DO  NOT  WAIT until AFTER  YOUR  PROCEDURE  TO  CONTACT  US!!! ***

As we are the only facility in WNY with multiple certified lymphatic drainage massage therapist/s, as such

our appointment calendar is generally booked 2-3 weeks in-advance. For optimum results, it is *imperative* that you start

lymphatic drainage massages as soon as possible and adhere to an appointment schedule.

- Clients who repeatedly cancel or no-show will be removed from the schedule and not allowed to re-book.

- If you paid in-advance and then no-show/late-cancel without *proof* of a family or personal emergency, you forfeit the paid session/s.


Post-surgical lymphatic drainage generally needs 2-3 sessions per week following your surgery

and while you are in recovery, however, every client heals at their own individual speed.

Our appointment calendar generally fills 2-3 weeks in-advance.

If you don't contact us *prior* to your procedure to schedule your sessions, there's

a chance we will not be able to immediately accommodate you.



Colleen Marx, BS, LMT, CLMT is one of the four certified Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapist in WNY

who has training with both oncology, (cancer), chronic illness, (heart disease/kidney/liver disease) patients

as well as cosmetic / body augmentation patients.

She possesses a 15+ year surgical/medical background prior to receiving her massage licensure in 1998.

She has been a certified lymphatic drainage massage therapist since 1999.


Nicole Mendez, LMT, CLMT is one of the four certified Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapist in WNY

who has training with both chronic illness, (heart disease/kidney/liver disease) patients

as well as cosmetic / body augmentation patients.

She began performing lymphatic drainage massage after training with Colleen and

became certified in 2022.

Lymphatic Drainage massage is NOT  the same as Swedish or traditional/regular massage;

CLMT, (Certified Lymphatic Massage Therapists), should only perform manual draining, (use our hands).


Cavitation machines, devices such as wood bars, etc are *illegal* for a LMT to use in NYS, and

should not be used for post-augmentation massage as the practitioner could unknowingly be ripping, tearing, causing

adhesions, bruises, bleeds and damage under the skin as their hands are not on the body.

It is *impossible* to *feel* any damage the tool may be creating.


All LMTs working at Great Lakes Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Practitioners

have been trained in correct lymphatic drainage techniques by Colleen.


Proper lymphatic drainage massage is not relaxing, however we guarantee you will feel much, much better when you

get off the table. You can receive care by others, but your final results may not be optimal if they don't know what they're doing.


Please see the "Case in Point" under Lymphatic Drainage Massage description below.


(716) 725-0264


Prices subject to change without notice.

If a GC was purchased prior to a rate increase, you will be asked to

pay the fee difference in the session rate.

All No-Show / Late-Canceled Gift Certificates are subject to forfeiture.



General Massage Session & Types of Massage:

A "general massage session," either 30-minute, 60-minute or 90-minute (or 2-hour available upon special request)

may include any of the following modalities as per the client's request:

Swedish Massage:

The most common type of massage in America. Long, full strokes of varying degrees of pressure, may involve some range-of-motion work to loosen joints. Clients can request a full body massage or only for certain problematic areas to be worked. It is not uncommon for our therapists to spend an entire session working on a client's back, or neck, etc. Again, we tailor the session to fit your needs.

All Practitioners Are Available.

Specific Injury / Medical / Sports / Myofascial Release Massage:

Any of these modalities can be incorporated into your massage session for you to achieve maximum benefit.

All Practitioners Are Available.

Craniosacral Therapy:

This particular modality assists in releasing spinal adhesions and promoting the flow of cerebrospinal fluid through the spinal column and cranium (head). Great for persons who have experienced concussion injuries and migraine/headache sufferers. This modality uses very, very little pressure.

Colleen Marx, BS, LMT is the *only* practitioner at our office who is certified/trained in CranioSacral Therapy.

All requested CranioSacral Therapies must be made with Colleen only.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage:

Both Colleen and Nicole are certified lymphatic drainage massage, two of four therapists who are certified in WNY.

Colleen has a 15-year medical/surgical background prior to receiving her massage licensure and has been a licensed, practicing massage therapist since 1998. She is certified in Lymphatic Drainage Massage, (Chigon Institute, 1999),  Adhesion Reduction Methodology & Visceral Manipulation I & II (Upledger Institute, 2000).

Colleen has been an instructor at both NYIM and Trocaire College's Massage Therapy programs. She has taught her co-workers how to effectively and correctly perform lymphatic drainage massage.

After being trained by Colleen and providing manual lymphatic drainage massage for several years, Nicole received her certification as well. Both therapists have spent numerous hours and studying/training to properly relieve lymphatic build-up and stimulate the lymph beds located throughout the body.

Lymphatic Drainage massage  *is not* "Swedish" massage and if you are seeing a practitioner who is not correctly trained, your end results may not be what you were hoping and anticipating.

Additionally, "wood/bar," "cavitation," etc are NOT  LEGALLY  APPROVED in NYS for Licensed Massage Therapists to be using.

Case In Point:

In March of 2021 we saw a client who had "wood/bar" massage performed on her (at home by a "therapist") 3-4x prior to coming to our office.

She relayed to us that she was extremely swollen and hard, (which is 100% normal post-surgery) but she also said she had a "funny smell."

In her 1st session with us, the client's incision ruptured 3-4" and she drained an enormous amount of puss, lymph & blood.

The incision rupture and ensuing infection were directly due to where the other "therapist" had been grinding on her incision

with the wood bar, causing the sutures to split and tear the underlying tissue, and for an infection to set-up.

THIS  IS  WHY  WE  ONLY  USE  OUR  (very clean & sanitized )  HANDS  as  per  NYS  law.

Cavitation machines are also not within the *legal scope* of massage therapist practice & licensure in NYS.

Her internal stitches had been ruptured because the "therapist" could not feel what she was doing through the wood bar.

Colleen cleaned her, bandaged her and sent her to the ER.

After 5 days of antibiotics and a re-suturing at ECMC, (at the client's expense), we commenced the *correct lymphatic massages*

on her and she is finally healing beautifully, and hopefully will not need an incision revision due to the infection and suture rupture

caused by the other practitioner.

You are well within your right to receive treatment anywhere you chose, but please ASK your therapist WHERE they

received their training/certification in lymphatic drainage massage.

It is NOT the same as traditional massage.

Lastly, we are *not* allowed to "drain" you or remove your drains. Drains and Lymph is considered MEDICAL WASTE and needs to be

disposed of properly. We do not ask client's about their hepatitis, HIV, etc status - therefor we cannot properly dispose of medical and/or

bloody, lymphatic gauze, etc. Additionally, re-opening puncture wounds to "drain" lymph can potentially lead to a bacterial infection. Your wounds

sealing is your body healing. Don't slow or regress the process by "draining" what you perceive to be excess fluid. Your body is putting it

there for a reason ~~~~~ HEALING.

Please contact our office, if possible, BEFORE your procedure as we generally

have a 2-3 week waiting period for new appointments.

New Updates:

If you have traveled outside on NYS for your procedure, you must follow current CDC/ECDOH guidelines.

*** As per NY State Health Codes, a licensed massage therapist is unable to perform drainage of any drain tubes or removal of drain tubes or sutures. Any body fluid, (blood, urine, plasma, lymph, etc...), is defined as "medical waste," and as such it must be disposed of properly per medical and sanitation codes and guidelines at a properly licensed and certified medical facility. *** (Note: the *only* reason we drained the client above is because her incision ruptured on our table and we could not allow dripping blood and puss throughout our facility.)


We can perform lymphatic drainage massage on areas where the incisions/puncture wounds have sealed. Our office consistently offers medical lymphatic drainage massage to individuals who have had either medically necessary surgery or elective body augmentation enhancement, (i.e. - cosmetic surgery). We cannot perform massage directly on areas/incisions that are not healed, sealed or scabbed over; however, we can gently work the tissue around the surgical incision site to assist the body in removing excess fluid build-up in the tissues under the skin.


Our first goal is to help our client's swollen and/or bruised tissues to return to a more normal state. Our second goal is to work the incision site, once it has sealed, to reduce the amount of adhesions/scar tissue, leaving a much less visible and palpable scar.


*** For persons who have had cosmetic surgery, (breast reduction/enhancement, lipo, tummy-tuck, BBL, etc), post-surgical lymphatic drainage massage is highly recommended to speed the healing process, prevent adhesions, minimize scarring and prevent keloids from occurring, (keloids: irregular, raised or lumpy tissue around the incision/scar. It can be minimal, or it can be extremely prominent and may have to be surgically corrected after several months).

For Lymphatic Drainage Massage: All Practitioners Are Available.


Reflexology follows the Eastern medical hypothesis that the sole of the foot (or palm of the hand) is a reflection of the body's general function. The sole is "mapped out" and certain areas correlate with certain organs or areas of the body. The practitioner works the feet to help stimulate health and healing in the body.

All Practitioners Are Available.

 Pregnancy Massage:

All of our therapists are trained in pregnancy massage, however, we do subscribe to the idea that massage is contraindicated for the first trimester (~ less than 12 weeks of pregnancy). Please inform us that you are pregnant when you call so that we can obtain more information. *** IF you have experienced any complications during your pregnancy, (including, but not limited to: hospitalizations, pre-term labor, eclampsia/pre-eclampsia, etc), you will be contacted and asked to provide a script from your medical practitioner releasing / giving permission for you to receive massage. We want the best for both Mom and baby. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All Practitioners Are Available.


Reiki is a Eastern (Japanese) energy modality that does not utilize massaging strokes or pressures. Reiki is extremely light-handed, sometimes not involving physical touch at all and the practitioner will instead tap into the body's energy (aura). Reiki is done with the client fully clothed. The fundamental belief with Reiki is that it assists in balancing the body's energy (Ki or Chi) and will help disperse areas of too much energy or promote energy in areas that may be weak or lacking. Reiki works with the body's chakras in restoring harmony and balanced energy. Please note that Reiki is extremely helpful for those who may be experiencing an illness or medical condition that does not allow for comfortable touch (i.e. - certain cancers, elderly, acute migraine sufferers, etc).

Colleen Marx, BS, LMT  &  Nicole Mendez, LMT are available for Reiki sessions.

 Hot Stone/LaStone Massage:

Hot Stone Massage is exactly that - massage that uses heated basalt (volcanic and smoothly polished) stones to massage and manipulate the muscles. Think of hot stone massage as having your tense muscles melted into a state of relaxation. Therapists are trained to avoid moving too deeply over joints or bony areas. Approximately 35-50 stones are used per treatment.

Hot Stone: All Practitioners Are Available.

 LaStone Therapy is the originator of all stone-using massage techniques on the market. The founder and creator of LaStone Massage, Mary Nelson, said the modality came to her in a series of dreams over several months. As with hot stone massage heated, polished basalt stones are used, however what makes LaStone Therapy unique is that polished, cooled stones are also incorporated in the treatment. Our set happens to be beautiful jade stones from Japan. The cool stones allow the therapist to truly work very deep without causing any discomfort to the client. They also allow inflammation to be from an injured area with the coolness. And when used in conjunction with the heated stones there's a whole "fire n' ice" element that takes place that is extremely unique.

Approximately 60-80 stones are used per treatment.

Colleen Marx, BS, LMT is the *only* practitioner at our office who is certified/trained in LaStone Massage.

All requested LaStone Therapies must be made with her only.


~ With all hot stone massages, the stones are thoroughly washed and disinfected after use, and when they are prepared for a treatment, tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic, is used in the water bath.

​~ For: Hot Stone Massage and Cupping there is prep-work involved on our end. Equipment needs to be set up and stones heated, (60-90 minutes), therefor these services have to be requested in-advance. Thank you.



Our practice ceased accepting Worker's Compensation Clients in January 2017.

​Our practice is accepting No-Fault (MVA) clients on a *limited* basis. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.



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