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~ ALL clients are required to provide a credit/debt card number to "hold" their appointment,

(existing clients should have one on-file).

Cancellation & Office Policies:

~ Our office maintains a strict cancellation policy.

~ Cancellations the day before, up until 5:00 p.m. will be assessed a partial fee, (see notes below).

~ Cancellations after 5:00 p.m. the day before, or cancellations/no-shows the day of

your scheduled appointment will be assessed the *full* appointment fee.


~ Our booking system automatically charges the card on-file.


~ If the system is unable to charge the card, no future appointments can be scheduled.

Additionally, you may be asked to pay in-advance for future appointments.


~ No refunds / No exchanges / No exceptions.


Day-Before Cancellations,

No-Shows & No-Call Appointments:

Effective March 01, 2018:

Our time is extremely valuable. We are not "salaried employees."

We are Independent Contractors who are paid by appointment.

Our therapists are often booked weeks in-advance, therefor, if you schedule an appointment and then late-cancel on

short-notice, (the day before), or no-show, you have not only wasted a session space, you have removed our wages/income for that time.

Therefor, like many other spas, salons, medical and chiropractic offices, we enforce a strict late-cancel/no-show policy.

The credit/debt card you provided is encrypted through our accredited booking system and when your appointment is updated

in the system, the card will automatically be charged a late-cancel fee or no-show/no-call fee.

Additionally, our late-cancel/no-show policy is posted throughout our facility, including the waiting room and treatment rooms, it
is mentioned numerous times on our website, it is on all of our printed materials and you were required to sign-off on this policy, two times,

when you completed your medical history form prior to being seen/treated.

If you late-cancel or no-show your appointment, please be respectful and considerate of our time and income potentially lost.

It is our system that charges this fee and we have no ability to waive or change it.

For 30-min, 60-min & 90-min Appointments:

~ Cancellations the *day before* (up until 5:00 p.m.) for a 30-, 60- or 90-min session,

will be assessed a $35 late-cancel appointment fee.

For 2-hour & Hot Stone Appointments:

~ Cancellations the *day before* (up until 5:00 p.m.)

will be assessed a $65.- late-cancel fee.

(as these sessions take the time of 2 appointment spaces)

For *any type* of appointment, cancellations after 5:00 p.m. the day before or

cancellations the day of  your scheduled appointment (and no-shows)

will incur a full appointment fee via our booking system.


We are unable to schedule you until any late-cancel or no-show/no-call fees are paid, our system will not allow us to schedule any further sessions.


Texted appointment reminders 48-hrs prior to your appointment are a COURTESY.

If you schedule an appointment it is up to you, as an adult or the guardian/care-taker of the person who is being seen, to keep the appointment.

If you schedule, it is up to you to notify us 48-hours before if you cannot keep the appointment when you receive the texted 0r e-mailed reminder.

If you opted out of these reminders, you are still responsible to remember your appointments when you schedule them.

​​Unlike Physicians, Chiropractors, P.T.s, O.T.s, etc, we schedule a *full hour* just for you.

If a client does not keep their appointment, or late-cancels, that is lost income.

We are paid *by appointment* not a salary rate.

Nor do we have clients sitting in our waiting room waiting to be called back for their session.

​~ Should you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, you MUST CALL our office at (716) 725-0264, in advance.

If it is a Sunday, holiday or we are unable to pick-up, please leave a message as it will be date/time stamped

and you will avoid being assessed a late-cancel or no-show fee.


Please *do not* reply to the automated text reminders.

CALL our office if you need to cancel / reschedule.


Our *courtesy reminder texts* are computer-generated and we do not receive returned

text messages to those reminders, and we indicate that to every person who schedules.
As the reminder texts are a courtesy, please note that by scheduling you are indicating

that you take responsibility to arrive to your appointment and /or reschedule as necessary.

~ After many years working within the WNY medical community

we've taken our experiences and consciously and intently created our

healing space to be soothing, comfortable, calm and relaxing.

~ We are professional, functional and operate with the same standards and requirements

of a medical facility, (including abiding by HIPAA-compliancy laws).

~ Our appointments run on-time, (our clients rarely have a 10-minute wait

in our relaxing waiting area).

~ Our facility is located within a professional office facility with a

well-lit private parking area, equipped with security cameras.

~ Our office uses a nationally-accredited medical appointment booking system that

keeps our client's personal information and data secure.

~ We ask all clients to arrive to your appointments on-time, or ideally 5 minutes early.


~ We are unable to accommodate children / teens within our waiting room while their

parent or guardian receives their massage session. We apologize for any inconvenience.

~ No-show / late cancel GIFT CERTIFICATE appointments will be forfeited.

Up-dated as of 11/01/2020:

Thank you for your understanding and compliance with the policies outlined on this page.

By choosing to schedule an appointment at our facility, you are indicating that you understand

and agree to abide by all office, state and governmental policies as they change and evolve.

Our office policies are printed on our brochures, appointment cards and

posted in multiple locations within our facility.

COVID  / Pandemic  Issues:

Should you test positive for COVID-19 or any of it's variants,

please contact our office ASAP to reschedule any appointment sessions.

If you are able to provide *proof* of your test results, we are able

to work with our booking agent to reschedule your session/s.


Great Lakes Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Practitioners

is not responsible for any illness or injury that may occur due to the

COVID-19 pandemic event.


Lastly, we reserve the right to deny service to any client not

following proper procedures and guidelines, as ultimately, our goal

is your health as well as the health and wellness of all

our clients and therapists!

Thank you for your compliance in this matter. 

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