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Benefits of Massage:

Massage is so much more than a luxury - - a "spa experience" wealthy people use to spoil themselves.

Massage is a fundamental, essential practice that has been in existence since the dawn of time, and it is common to both man and animal.


Think about it - what's the first thing you do if you accidentally hit your thumb with a hammer? You grab it, squeeze and hold, rub and massage (while possibly unleashing a string of rarely-used curse words!). Whether you're 3 or 93, it's instinctive to touch, hold and rub an injured area - on ourselves or those we love.


The benefits of positive, nurturing and supportive human touch is immeasurable - physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.


Massage creates energy - and energy is life-force. It increases oxygenated blood flow, pushes out lymph and cellular "debris" thus promoting healing. It's a passive workout that pushes harmful muscular by-products (lactic acid) out of the muscles and into the blood stream where they can be picked up by lymph nodes and processed out of the body.

Additionally, massage reduces muscular adhesions and restrictions allowing for proper movement and alignment.


Physically, the benefits are numerous: increased mobility of muscles, increased mobility of joints, increasing healing, promoting healthy functioning, increasing the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain, organs and tissues, etc.


Emotionally, massage promotes a feeling of security, balance and calmness.


Mentally, massage promotes circulation, even to the brain, and can assist in clearing "fogginess" some people may experience as they age.


And spiritually, many people report feeling "more connected" to not only themselves but to the universe. Massage promotes a sense of grounding (i.e. - deep calming).

Numerous studies have been completed on infants, elderly, individuals with both chronic and acute illness and not one study has been able to link the use of massage or respectful physical touch to any negative by-products or after effects. In fact, in every study illness has lessened or abated altogether, energy increases, homeostasis (the feeling of perfectly calm balance) becomes more pronounced and a greater sense of peace is achieved.

We are merely on the cusp of realizing the full benefits of positive human touch on the body, mind and soul.

Simply my $.02

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