our Facility:

Did You Know?

Did you know that there a many different types of massages, and that there is a profound difference between relaxation/spa massages and medical/therapeutic massages?

At Great Lakes Therapeutic Massage our client's health and well-being  are extremely important to us, therefor we strive to make every session and client experience the best session they need for that particular day.

What Do I Mean?

We are all evolving and changing - constantly. It's what keeps us alive. However, a client who begins seeing us at the age of 30 has different needs as they continue their care with us at the age of 50. We may start seeing someone who is just coming for a full body relaxation massage, but a year or two later they injure themselves playing golf, or possibly have an accident. Our massages are not "cookie-cutter." As your needs change and flow, so will the therapeutic treatments your therapist will provide! We let your health and needs dictate your session each time

you come in.

WHY  We're Different Than the Rest:

At Great Lakes Therapeutic Massage

we take great pride in knowing our facility and practitioners are a step above the rest. All of our NYS licensed massage therapists have medical backgrounds prior to attending massage school. We are truly therapeutic and have aligned ourselves with other medical practitioners in the WNY area. If we're unable to assist you we will refer you to another practitioner who may

be able to help you.

It's not about us and our business,

it's about YOU.

YOUR HEALTH & WELL-BEING are our goals!

We Are:

~ Health Oriented,

~ Handicapped Accessible,

~ Open Monday - Saturday,

(by appointment only)

~ Multi-Practitioner Medi-Spa with each Therapist offering their own specialties & knowledge to provide you the best

experience possible,

~ We have a working professional liaison with many other practitioners in WNY.

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